Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Game Changer

We came up with our idea from combining games such as Sorry, Fight 21, and Racing. The object of the game is to get to the end of the board before everyone else. The game consists of a lot of randomness as game changer cards are dealt to every player blind and they can play them at their own risk. They can help them out a lot, hurt them, or even hurt others on the board. Some examples of these cards are switch places with another player, lose a turn, or move up 15 spaces. The play is smooth and fun as you can land on spots individually marked on the board with different situations. You can pick up more game changers, be forced to play one if you have one, or even steal from someone else.  When beginning each turn you have one of two choices.  First you can play your game changer and that completes your turn.  Alternatively, you can flip a card from the deck.  1-7 moves you forward that many spaces respectively and face cards move you forward 3.  After flipping the card a die is rolled.  When rolling a 1-3, the player moves their piece forward that many spaces respectively.  If a 4 is rolled they move back 1, 5 back 2, and 6 back 3.  This is what would be a normal turn.

After coming up with our first version of the board we play tested the game and found some things we had to change.  We realized we did not have enough spaces on the board to receive new game changer cards.  Also, in the deck of game changer cards, we found that there were too many of a certain card and not enough of others.  Upon revising, the game worked a lot better.  We noticed that almost every time the game was played, the players' pieces were reaching the end almost as a group.  No single player ran away with the victory once they got ahead.  This is a family friendly game that is left a lot up to chance, but also up to strategy with how to use game changer cards.  If the future it might be worth making a more visually appealing board.
--Bryan Simmons & Zach Willis

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