Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yut: The Kart Racing Edition

Yut: The Kart Racing Edition
Abe Go, Isaac Ahn, Youngil Won

Our group made an expansion to the traditional Korean game, Yut. We made a kart racing edition to it, using orgami karts as horses. We added a whole new set of track and items with hopes to make the game more exciting and at the same time more complex, as Yut itself is fairly simple. We added items that could be laid before leaving the spot such as mines, water balloon and bananas which would punish the next player’s kart that comes to it. Other offensive items were missiles, magnet, kamikazi and drift along with shield items that could block them off. The addition of items was fantastic, not only did it give Yut a whole new mechanic but it also was a game changer. A player could be one step away from the finish line but instantly get his/her kart destroyed or moved backwards. Play testing was very helpful as we learned the need to narrow down the number of items a player could hold and the number of items one could use in one turn. Also we found that we needed to make the first row a safe zone as some were not able to get past even the first row of tracks. Our edition to the game was very popular among our Korean friends and we feel that our friends are already drawn to our expansion set than the original game.

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