Wednesday, February 5, 2014

King of the Mountain

Setttlers of Catan: King of the Mountain
BY: Nick Elders and Stephen Norregaard

set up:
the board is set up 10 hexes long and 3 wide, meaning the top and bottom rows will have 9 hexes each. the 4 middle hexes are all ore and the the first 2 hexes on each side are wood and brick in the center row. the rest of the hexes are random within the fact that each side gets 3 of each resource other than ore. the numbers are random except for the 6's and 8's. the two center ore get a 6 and an 8 as well as the wood and brick placed on opposite sides get a 6 and an 8. This enables as much of an equal start as possible in terms of road building.

to start you roll to go first like usual, then you place a settlement (must be on the end of the board and on the water, the best spot is going to be on either side of the 6 or 8 of wood or brick) two roads and another settlement which are all connected. the rest of the players do the same making sure each team is on the same side of the board. (variations could be tested here mixing teams on each side or playing individualy)

playing the game is similar to settlers minus a couple new rules and exceptions.

  • teams may trade openly with no restriction other than the same number of cards must be traded back and forth (3 cards for 3 cards ect.) 
  • once a teams roads are connected together they may build off each other freely with no restriction making them one unit essentially. (however longest road must be one color uninterrupted)
  • a knight costs a sheep and a wheat with a wheat to activate it. (cities and knights rules apply to these knights.)
  • there are 3 stages you must pass when building t wards the center, between the 2nd and 3rd, 3rd and 4th, and 4th and 5 hexes in the bottom and top rows. the first you must roll a 3 or higher to pass, the second stage and 5 or higher to pass, and the third a 6 or higher to pass. 
    • knights add +1 to your dice roll when active and at the end of your road,
    • knight must be placed at the waters edge and can only be moved one road length each turn
    • you can stack knights summing their added power for dice rolling and knight displacement
    • if you fight the other teams knight and displace it it is not killed just sent back to the waters edge.
    • when using your knights to add to your dice roll the knight becomes inactive if it is used, if you need a 5 and you roll a 5 then you knight stays active as it was not used.
  • once the second round passes every player chooses a harbor of their choice, there will be one of each resource and 2 three for one harbors available to choose from.
  • you attempt your dice rolling to pass the barricades once you road touches the imaginary line in place, you immediately roll for it and if you make it you continue you turn as normal if you loose the dice roll your turn ends immediately, typically you want to save this for the end of your turn.
  • the robber is placed in the mountain and has no effect until someone gets a road touching an ore hex, once this happens the first team to reach the mountain gets to play the robber as if a seven is rolled and now a 7 card limit is in effect.
    • prior to the robber being released there is no card limit and every player chooses a card of their choice when a seven is rolled( excluding ore)
  • a player may not trade 4 for 1 or use their harbor to obtain ore until their road or their teammates road is touching an ore hex.
  • each ore hex has a victory point with it, whoever has the most settlements on a hex claims that victory point, a city beats two settlements, this is collective between teams not individuals.
  • first team to 16 points with each player contributing at least 6 points wins.

goodluck and have fun. game typically last 60 minutes
if playing with two people still use 2 colors and play as if you are each team keeping separate hands.

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