Friday, January 31, 2014


New Game: Tactician
Designed by: Sarah Fraleigh & Brandon Raterink

Tactician is a Grid based Strategy game that is heavily based on the video game series "Fire Emblem." Our game is mostly meant for 1 v 1 play. Where you take your army of fighters and go head to head in a battle of wits against your opponent's army.

So how does one play this game? Well to start, each player or "Tactician" selects 5 of our 9 units to be their army. Each unit has their own strengths and weakness, and can also offer a variety of strategies to their "Tactician."  For example you could pick mostly units that have a large movement

Next, after selection your units we move onto the main event, The Battleground! Currently the battleground is just a 9 x 10 board where your place your units on one side, and your opponent places his/hers on the opposing side. At this point you and your opponent will take turns moving one your units across the board, unit each of your units have moved once. This process of moving every one your units is considered a "round"

Finally, we have Combat! How exactly does fighting happen in this game. Well for most units it's fairly simple. Lets look at the "Knight" for example, when he attacks my opponents "Rider" I'll take my Knights Atk, which is "8" add "4" since he's using an iron weapon, and then subtract my opponents defense, "6". So my "Knight" will deal 6 damage to "Rider." However, watch out, most units, depending on there attack range, can counterattack! In this scenario, assuming "Rider" wasn't defeated from my Knight's attack, he'll attack back. His strength is 6, +4 for his weapon, -8 for my knights defense, so he'll deal 2 damage back to my knight!

Anywho, those are the basic of the game! There are some more detailed bits to go over, but We have a nice lovely rule book for that! I plan on bringing this game to future game nights, and maybe we'll have even made some improvements on it then.


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