Monday, January 13, 2014


     Alhambra is a game which is based upon the palace and fortress complex in Grenada, Spain, which goes by the same name. This Islamic palace (which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site) was built in the 9th Century...sorry. As a History buff I can get a little carried away; back to the game.
     The focus of this game is to build your own "Alhambra" and to build it better than your opponents. Your city will be made up of Gardens, Pavilions, Arcades, Chambers, Towers, and Seraglios. To build the best Alhambra, you will need to either have the biggest city or corner the market on specific types of buildings. But as this is a fortress you will also need protection, so pay attention to your walls. Pay your builders, build your city, and you may just build the real Alhambra: a city which has stood the test of time and which for building you will always be remembered.

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