Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New game: Takeover

Game title: Takeover
Game designers: David Hauck, Sam Van Kooten, Nicole Reenders

Takeover is a new game that involves game elements found in Settlers and Risk. It is for 4 players (2 against 2). Gameplay involves exploring turned over tiles, buying new land, building cities and roads, and attacking/defending your territory with armies. It is mostly a strategy game, and the only element of chance comes from the fact that you don't know what the board will look like every game, because all the tiles start face-down.

The object of the game is to win by one of two ways:
1) Collectively own 28 tiles with your partner, thus the majority of the land
2) Control and complete the tower in the middle by building each layer with resources

The game starts with all 48 resource tiles (ore, brick, wood, grain) face-down and one tower tile in the middle. Then 5 tiles in each corner are flipped over. Players take turns picking which corner will be theirs to start with, and they place a city on the centre square. The resources adjacent to that city will be their available resources.

As players gain gold and resources, they can progress to explore new tiles and claim them. Every turn, a player can "explore" - flip over a tile adjacent to their claimed land, and then choose whether to buy it or not. If they choose not to buy it, it gets flipped back over, and everyone hopes to remember what it was. They can also build more cities to get more resources and generate more gold, as well as roads and armies. It might look something like this: (except I don't have any city, road, or army tokens at the moment... use your imagination!)

Players will attack other cities and defend their own with armies. Teams work together to be the first one to take over either the land or the tower.

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