Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Game: Orbit

Designers: Gabriel Hoekstra & Jackson DeJong

The year is 2234 AD.  Humankind has extended an arm towards the stars in effort to colonize on a galactic level.  Now, with four parties competing to control a new solar system, the race is on.  Build colonies on new planets and equip them with solar fields, mineral refineries, and research laboratories.  Build space stations and galactic battle ships to subject your opponents to the hell-fire that is your determination to win.  In an ever-changing solar system of infinite improbability, toss logic to the wind and do the impossible!

Basic game play: players compete to earn victory points by building colonies on new planets, upgrading them to metropolises, building space stations, and battling opponents with battleships.  Building resource operations on planets allows for the collection of solar energy, refined minerals, and data, all of which are required for the building of ships, colonies, and space stations.  Each player begins with a fully operational metropolis, one space station, and one ship.  The race then begins and battle ensue.  Players earn one victory point per colony and two per metropolis (upgraded from a colony).  Bonus victory points are given to players who achieve the following goals: building colonies on every planet in any given ring, building at least one colony in each of the four rings, and building all five space stations.

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