Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Fluxx is a card-based game with ever changing rules. The game starts simply, with each player receiving three cards, and taking turns drawing one card, and playing one card. The game becomes more complicated as players are able to add additional rules. A new rule card may demand players draw three cards, or play five cards, each turn, for example.

Similarly, the "goal" to win the game is also in flux. A new "goal" card may be played by a player on their turn. Usually these goals require a player to have played a pair of related "keeper" cards, but there are several variations and a total of 28 possible ways to win in this edition of the game.

A Perfectly Simple game for 2-6 players.

Simple? Fluxx has but one rule: "Draw one card and then play one card." What cards might one play? Well, one might play Time, or War, or perhaps Love. I shall play Chocolate-- it is a fine thing to have Chocolate. What's this? You have played the card "Play two cards." Well, play a second card! Do you not know the rule of Fluxx? It is this: "Draw one card and then play two cards." Well, that's what it is now. Perfectly simple. The goal of the game? Ah, I'm terribly sorry. No one has played one yet.

It's a little absurd.

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