Monday, January 13, 2014

Evil Baby Orphanage

Evil Baby Orphanage is a chaos-control card game where you adopt infamous persons as babies from time. A single baby not monitored can literally change the playing field. The goal is to have a certain number of mischief points at the beginning of your turn. Babies give mischief points, but have harmful actions that activate if they are not supervised and players can play cards to try and steal your babies or the useful items that help you keep them under control. Here is how a turn plays out.

Phase 1: Check to see if you have the specified number (Standard 8) mischief points. If you do, you win. If not, continue.

Phase 2: The Activity Step; this is when you can play cards or activate toys to either hinder your opponents or help maintain order. Most babies become supervised during this phase.

Phase 3: The Unsupervised Step; for each baby you have that wasn't supervised during the activity step, that baby takes it's unsupervised actions spreading chaos among the orphanages in order from left to right.

Phase 4: The Adoption Step; The player adopts a baby from one of three laid out for adoption and then replace it with one from the deck of babies. You place the new baby on either the far left or far right side of your baby line up.

Phase 5: Draw Step; Each player starts the game with four cards. At the end of your turn, you may discard any number of cards in your hand and then draw back up to four cards.

Evil Baby Orphanage can be hard to pick up since there really isn't any text, or the text is very long. But once players start to recognize the cards, it becomes very fast paced in it's progressive chaos.

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