Thursday, January 23, 2014

Carcassonne: The City

Carcassonne: The City is very similar to the original Carcassonne where you have to place followers on markets, roads or residential areas to get points. The difference with this one is that now you flip over tiles and you get a random tile so now you have to be strategic in where you put your tiles to benefit you the most. There are three phases to this game which are indicated by three different stacks of tiles. In the first phase play is normal and everyone places their tiles and followers normally in a clockwise fashion. In the second phase each time after a player scores, players put down walls and the player that scored is allowed to put down one tower. The amount of walls that are in between the tower that the player just put down is how many points you get. You can also put a follower on a tower as a guard which means that any buildings and historical buildings that are in the row or column that you put your guard on count as points. One building is worth two points and a historical building is worth three points. You gather these points and the points from residential buildings at the end of the game. Points you get from markets and streets you score immediately and you get your followers back. There is a lot of strategy to this game in how many followers you put on residential areas and how many guards you put on walls. I ended up losing today because I was trying to teach the other people in my group how to play effectively so it was a good time all around.

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