Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Game: Warring States

Warring States is a conquest and resource-management based game set during the Warring States period in Chinese history. Players take turns moving military units, attacking neighboring territories, and building various structures in order to conquer all other players and become the new reigning dynasty.

The game is currently only balanced for play by 2 players. Each player will place territory markers on the board as noted in the setup document, followed by various buildings and 2 military units per owned city. The game then rotates through three phases per round: moving units, attacking territories (if possible), and constructing buildings (and paying upkeep) with the resources from the player's owned tiles. Below is the correct 2-player setup for the board.

The game currently only lasts a short amount of time, as 2-player games tend to do. It ends when one player has dominance over the map, either by preventing the other player from constructing further soldiers or by the other's surrender. We plan on balancing it for more players in the future. The board and pieces (aside from the few borrowed from Risk) are entirely custom-designed, a testament to the amount of work that we put into this project.

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