Thursday, January 16, 2014

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a dice game that has similar components to Yahtzee. The object of the game is to be the first player to gain 20 victory points to become king of Tokyo. During each players turn they have three chances to roll the dice (all of them or some during the re-rolls). There are six dice with with six options for an outcome. An attack delivers damage to the other players causing their lives to lower. All players start with 10 lives and once they loose them all they are eliminated from the game. They can roll hearts which gain lives back. The lightening bolts are energy cubes which act as currency throughout the game. For each lightening bolt you roll you gain an energy cube which you can later use to buy cards. The cards have special powers and moves that the player will be able to use immediately then discard the card or keep and use throughout the game. The last option for rolling the dice is to gain victory points by rolling three 1, 2, or, 3 dice. There are different approaches a player can take to winning the game including attacking everyone so they are eliminated first, gaining victory points the quickest, or buying cards to help in lives, attacks, or points. It is an easy game to learn and play and can be played in approximately 30 minutes.

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