Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Variant of Blokus: King Blokus

Variant of Blokus: King Blokus
Game Designers: Hannah Mason, Hannah Borst, and Nate Postmus


Players: 2-4

Objective: To gain the most victory points by placing all tiles on the board and/or earning victory points from connecting tiles or drawing a KB card.

If you place all of your colored tiles on the board you earn 89 victory points (one point per square). You can gain more victory points by collecting KB cards that have victory points on them or by connecting tiles. The game ends when there are no more tiles or actions that can be played.

The game contains one rule/objective card, four strategy cards that explain the added ways to gain victory points or KB cards, 16 KB cards, and three sets of victory point cards. If a player connects 4 of their 5 blocked tiles in a row they have the option to gain 3 victory points of choose a KB card. WHen they connect 3 of their 4 blocked tiles in a row they earn 2 victory points or may pick a KB card. Lastly, if the player connects 2 of their 3 blocked tiles they gain 1 victory point or pick a KB card. The KB cards say anything from gain extra victory points at the end of the game, pick a player to loose a turn, add an extra tile on your next turn, place a tile anywhere on the board, etc...

We play tested the game a few times and found that the KB cards and the added victory points help with a catch up method if someone gets too blocked in and doesn't have a lot of options for tile placements. We made some modifications when play testing such as removing KB cards that had a negative impact on the person who picked it. We found that people were less likely to draw a KB card if they had the chance to loose a turn or had to remove a tile.

Victory Point Cards to keep track of additional points for final scoring.
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An example of one of the KB cards that could be drawn.
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Example of connecting three 4 blocked tiles in a row to gain VP or KB card.
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