Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is both a card-based game as well as tile-laying. It involves much strategy throughout the game in which the players must plan out each move precisely to ensure their completion of the routes selected for them.

The game starts with each player deciding which destination cards they would like to keep based on which ones have similar routes, most points, most attainable, etc. Each player is allowed one action per turn. There are three possible actions. First, the player can choose to pick up cards. He or she can either pick two random cards, two cards already shown, or one wild card (if the card is present). The second option during one's turn is to play their trains on a certain route from one city to another connecting city. If the route is a specific color, the player must then play the color required and the amount of cards played must be equivalent to the spaces on the board they wish to move. The third option is that a player may pick up three new destination cards to attempt to complete before the games end.

The game ends by one player having 2 or fewer trains left, therefore giving each person one last turn to take. At the end of the game, each player must tally up their points of completed destinations (subtracting incomplete ones) and number of tiles moved. The player with the longest continuous train also gets 10 extra points as does the player with the most completed destination cards as well.

Overall, its an exciting yet stressful game. It is not necessarily fast-paced, but still remains to be a very engaging game for all players.

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