Sunday, January 26, 2014


Friday we played werewolf which is basically an expanded version of mafia (that's what I gathered anyway). I've never played Mafia so it was fun to learn the game I had heard so much about. The  difficult thing for me is that I don't know the people in the class that well to be able to start accusing someone or convince others that I'm a villager. There were the people that obviously felt comfortable enough to talk in front of everyone, but it often made it seem like they were a werewolf. Once we added in the extra roles it added a bit more of strategy to the game because the werewolves then had to try to kill off certain people they thought had special roles instead of just any villager. They may have to choose between a villager that could be on to who they are, or a person with a role that could eventually kill them as well. I noticed on the site that it said it could be played with up to 75 people. How in the world would you play with that many people?! I feel like nobody would be able to decide for a long long time. Maybe the rules are different to help move the game along, but I thought that was crazy. I learned that I don't like to accuse someone unless I know for sure they are a werewolf, but it's always a guess so I never really wanted to say anything. I also learned that people like to jump on accusing someone once one person points someone out. I felt like the game really showed who is okay with putting themselves out there and who would rather watch and listen.

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