Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Rook is a trick-taking card game that is played with a special deck of cards. The game is played with 4 people. 2vs2. After the deck is dealt the participants bid on how many points they believe that they and their partner can get. The team that bids the highest wins the kiddy. Next the playing begins. The person that one the kiddy gets to choose trump. The scoring in Rook goes as follows. Each 1 is worth 15pts, 14's and 10's are worth 10pts each, each 5 is worth 5pts and the rook card is worth 20pts. The rook card is always apart of the trump suit. For every suit 1 is the highest card followed by 14, 13, 12 and so on. If a 1 of non-trump is played it will automatically win the hand unless a trump card is played. If the team that won the bid gets the amount of points that they bidded then they get all the points they won. If the team gets less than what they bidded then they go down that many points and the other team gets as many points as they won in the hand. This game has many strategies such as bluffing and short shooting hands. Players must rely on their partners for help in winning tricks and racking up points to either make their bid or to set the other team.The game is played to a certain amount of points that the participants decide prior to the beginning of the game. It is a great social game.

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