Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ticket to Ride: Trading Edition

Variation of Ticket to Ride Original (US version)
Designer: Sam Ipema

This variation of Ticket to Ride is different in several ways. First, as shown in the title, a trading element was added to the game. This did not replace the players turn and could only be preformed on the individual's turn.

Another added element to the game is the option to remove another players train. In order to do this, a player must use his or her turn and have double the amount of cards required for a "normal" route. This action only removes and does not replace. It also can only be done if the route has not been completed by the individual who is having the train removed.

Bonus cards were also added as a catch up mechanism so that players could gain extra points by going through a city without having the points potentially count negatively against them. This action can be done while picking new destination cards. Any combination of bonus and destination cards can be used as long as the maximum picked up is 3.

The last edition is "Special Effects" cards that a player has the option of buying with a wild card. These are also different forms of catch up mechanisms incorporated. There are three options:
Double turn: player is allowed to do two actions in one turn
Die roll: the player rolls the die and the number that appears is the amount a player may select from another's hand.
Five points: these points count towards the end totally.

The board was not altered in any way so the picture is just of the cards/new rules.

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